Farzanah Allinoor

ImagiNation Studios

ImagiNation Studios | Research Project

ImagiNation Studios are portable freight containers transformed into creative spaces and specifically designed for the purpose of providing free and easy access after school programs to kids right in their own neighbourhood parks. By allowing kids of all backgrounds to experience engaging and skill building opportunities, I hope to grant the young nation a chance to explore their identities through a variety of projects and activities. The project consists of a digitally designed and rendered SketchUp studio, along with promotional materials further enhancing the initiative through a variety of communication forms.

Presentation Book


Brand Components

The visual branding aims to stimulate exciting productivity and creativity through the use of electrifying pallets, playfully bold type and funky imagery. In order to best reach out to both parents and children, the style communicates both an educational yet fun program.

Studio Design

The digitally designed and photo realistic render of the freight is built to provide engaging and impactful moments in every child’s life who shares momentous sessions in the ImagiNation Studios. Each studio is equipped with a work space, washing stations, bathroom, reading nook with mini library and storage cupboards. The sliding doors securely lock after hours with bullet proof glass and metal surrounding the container.